An innovative project. A small workgroup. Products matching up with the most modern oenological techniques.

We are engineers

Of course! We analyse problems and we face them with ideas and knowledge.

We do not star-gaze; we prefer to look at microscopes and measurement instruments. We prefer making calculations rather than throwing dice. When we thought about wine, our main idea was to avoid disturbing it. We came up with a material and a container that was able to accompany wine on its natural path. We did this in the simplest way that nature offers: water, earth and fire. In order to do this well though, computers, analyses and many mistakes were necessary. We learned a lot, and we are now convinced that we can offer a practical easy to handle ceramic container, one that requires no coatings and is easy to maintain. Try it. Its simplicity will surprise you!

We are innovative

While respecting age-old traditions.

Things that work should not be changed but improved, and only the substantial innovation made possible by advanced technologies can be true innovation. Is it innovative to let atmospheric pressure achieve a watertight seal with no other devices? Yes, because only state of the art numerical control makes this possible. Is a material that can be waterproof or porous according to the customer’s needs innovative? Yes, because this would not be possible using a normal furnace, since very accurate temperature control is required. No magic, no tricks, and above all, no nonsense.

We are determined

and even hungry. We want to introduce and promote a product with unique features and good looks

 a device that will make an impact with its fine geometric lines. Above all, we propose a container that is ideal for the wine projects you have in mind. Basic and functional, therefore revolutionary. We want to share our design, our efforts and our satisfaction with the result, and we would love to see your wines benefit from this.