Clayver Testimonial: a video gallery of experiences with ceramic wine barrels for wine

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Clayver testimonials tell about innovation, technology and tradition from their experience with the products. Precision and scientific verification of materials guarantee high quality wine and designer barrels.
Discover all the world of stoneware for wine through videos and direct experiences with the Clayver ceramic barrels and in the cellars.

Some of the testimonials from the wineries and farms that have chosen Clayver talk about the benefits of our ceramic barrels for wine.


Clayver ceramic barrels for wine Clayver narrated by Eric de Saint-Victor. Château de Pibarnon, Bandol.


The owner of Azienda Agricola Casavecchia at the square explains why Clayver ceramic barrels can be considered a technologically advanced and at the same time environmentally friendly product, which manages to keep the flavor of the grapes unaltered.


Massimo Viglietti, owner of Cascina Praiè winery, tells how he uses Clayver casks to make wine by using fermentative maceration, according to an ancient tradition.

“Versatile, convenient and innovative”: this is how Clayver ceramic barrels are defined by Andrea Faccio, owner of Villa Giada winery. Andrea has been using Clayver stoneware barrels for about ten years and decided to tell his experiences with the different grape varieties.


“Clean, simple, honest.” Bigagnoli recounts his experiences with Clayver products, used for a long vinification of Corvina and Oseleta grapes harvested in mid-November.


Stefano Amerighi found in Clayver stoneware containers an alternative to cement which, thanks to a limited and slow gas exchange, allows the full expression of the bond between wine and territory. Since 2014 in the homonymous winery in Cortona (AR) he relies on our ceramic barrels for the aging of his best wines.


Luca Rettondini, winemaker at Le Macchiole winery in Bolgheri (LI), explains how he got to know Clayver and how our stoneware containers allow them to maintain the oxidative balance of their Syrahs.


Cascina I Carpini, Pozzol Groppo (AL), carries on a small family business, paying particular attention to the balance of everything surrounding the vineyard. The holistic approach with which wines are conceived has found in Clayver a perfect ally for wine making.


Azienda Agricola Bruna, in Valle Arroscia (IM), tells about its experience with fermentation inside Clayver ceramic barrels for wine.


The influencer Wine Gini tastes the Champagne Henri Giraud produced inside Clayver ceramic barrels. A historic 12th generation family-owned Champagne house meets stoneware wine containers.


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