Clayver – Luna 03

Clayver Luna 03 is a complete ready-to-use wine aging setup that includes:

1. Ceramic barrel 250l cod. CL003
2. Glass lid with oring cod. CL103
3. Ring with stainless steel brackets for glass lid cod. CL104
4. Silicone cap
5. Stainless steel support cod. CL201
6. Drain with valve 32 DIN cod. CL105

All the Clayver Luna configurations

Clayver Luna is available in 10 different configurations that can meet the different needs of the winery.
In this container the convective motions of the wine are naturally favored. It is practical, easy to clean and move with a transpallet, thanks also to its stainless steel support. Both glass and stainless steel lids can be fitted.

All the accessories

Accessories for Clayver Ceramic Barrels can be bought separately or they can be purchased in the configurations proposed for the various types of ceramic wine containers.