Clayver Polifemo


Polifemo is imposing and capacious. It allows a good capacity keeping the characteristic of the monolithic Clayver manufacture in stoneware, with the upper and lower part dome-shaped in order not to hinder the convective motions. The upper manhole is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a wine tasting tap and a 2-way drain valve. The lower stainless steel door is removable and includes a partial drain with a 40 DIN valve. This solution also allows a total discharge from the bottom, thus facilitating the phases of peel removal, washing and sanitizing. This configuration includes a support with three supports and space underneath for the insertion of the collection tub.

All configurations of Clayver Polifemo

According to Homer, Polyphemus was a Cyclops, an imposing mythological figure with only one eye. Son of the god of the seas Poseidon, he lived closed because of a huge rock in his cave, where Ulysses was also imprisoned. The latter, shrewd, approached the cyclops flattering him and offering him a wineskin.

Polyphemus appreciated him so much that he wanted to offer him a gift. “Certainly the land that gives the fodder produces to the Cyclops wine of excellent clusters, and the rain of Zeus makes it grow. But this is a drop of ambrosia and nectar!” report the Homeric verses. The Cyclops pays homage to the drink, to which he just can not resist.