Clayver Polifemo 650l

'Polifemo' is optimising his form!

Material: Clayver Stoneware
Weight: 325kg
Capacity: 650l

O = 2 mg/l/year
O+ = 6 mg /l/year

Polifemo is imposing and capacious. It allows for a good capacity while maintaining the characteristic feature of the monolithic Clayver stoneware construction, with a domed top and bottom so as not to obstruct convective motion. The upper manhole is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a wine-tasting tap and 2-way drain valve. The lower stainless steel door is removable and includes a partial drain with a 40 DIN valve. This solution also allows total drainage from the bottom, thus facilitating the stages of peel removal, washing and sanitising. This configuration includes a three-post support with space underneath for the insertion of the collection vessel.

According to Homer, Polyphemus was a Cyclops, an imposing, one-eyed mythological figure. The son of the god of the seas Poseidon, he lived enclosed by an enormous boulder in his cave, where Ulysses was also imprisoned. The latter, slyly, approached the Cyclops by flattering him and offering him a wineskin of wine. Polyphemus appreciated this so much that he wanted to offer him a gift. "Certainly the land that gives grain produces to the Cyclops wine of excellent clusters, and the rain of Zeus makes it grow. But this is a drop of ambrosia and nectar!" the Homeric verses report. The Cyclops pays homage to the drink, which he simply cannot resist.

Polifemo Clayver 650l
Weight: 260kg
Capacity: 650l

O = 3 mg/l/anno
O+ = 95 mg/l/anno

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