Clayver Orizzonte

A horizon of ceramic stoneware. With Clayver ceramic barrels it is possible to obtain wine of the highest quality. The horizontal position of the 400l, with the top bung, allows for positioning on single or multiple supports similar to those commonly used for wooden barrels. This allows us to build a perfect winery where innovation and tradition coexist.

All the configurations of Clayver Orizzonte

Clayver Orizzonte is the 400L version of the Wine Barrels. Available in 4 different configurations that can meet the different needs of the winery.
In this container the convective motions of the wine are naturally favored. It is practical, easy to clean, move with a pallet truck and store to create an entire cellar of ceramic wine barrels.

Tutti gli accessori

Accessories for Clayver Ceramic Barrels can be bought separately or they can be purchased in the configurations proposed for the various types of ceramic wine containers.