Clayver Galatea

Galatea has an elongated, feminine and elegant shape. Its “egg-shaped” conformation allows to increase the volume of the container while preserving the same capacity to exploit convective motions.

 The process takes place thanks to the spherical ends, which during maceration with the skins help to keep the cap compact and homogeneous. The stainless steel support is palletizable and easy to level.

According to Ovid Galatea was a beautiful sea nymph, in love with Aci, a young shepherd of whom she was also the lover, but also the object of desire of the Cyclops Polyphemus. The latter, finding the two in a love situation, took by jealousy killed him. The nymph, grief-stricken, turned his blood to be able to keep alive their feeling of love. A character of mythology linked to the myth oi Polyphemus. Just like the bewitching nymph, Galatea is elegant and seductive, perfect for a refined wine cellar.

All the configurazions of Clayver Galatea

Galatea is available in 7 configurations that can accommodate the characteristics of each wine and the needs of a winery that chooses Clayver ceramic wine barrels.

All the accessories for Clayver Galatea

Accessories for Clayver Ceramic Barrels can be bought separately or they can be purchased in the configurations proposed for the various types of ceramic wine containers.